Vandwellers: Live In Your Van

Facebook-Groups-Vandwellers - Live In Your Van
Facebook-Groups-Vandwellers – Live In Your Van

A VanDweller is more of a lifestyle or philosophy than any description of what you drive, camp, or live in. Van-dwelling is an alternative lifestyle of freedom and simplicity. There are those who live in their vans; others who live in truck campers, cars, and RVs. There are part-timers, full-timers, live-aboards, and dreamers. There are also those whose economic circumstances have brought them here. You are all welcome.

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  1. Zeke Roman Listing Owner

    The members of this group were very nice to help me design the logo for this website. There was a lot of helpful feedback and I appreciate it very much. I only posted ONE post and I thought it was highly relevant for a group that wants to actually help people survive this lifestyle. Unfortunately, the admins banned me and removed the post without warning, notice, or comment. Seems like another pretentious group that I can’t recommend.