Susi Cruz

Susi Cruz
Susi Cruz

Hello to all the beautiful souls out there! I’m a little adventurous, curious, positive girl who has an extreme urge to travel the world to learn about culture, lifestyle and the food. I want to enjoy this life, share love and happiness and make it worth telling. A Life full of stories and success. This channel in fact offers you some nice videos about traveling most of the time. Even though i m not trying to create a “wanderlust ” feeling inside your brain. All I actually really want is to make you think about your life.

I want you to look at it and tell me how happy you really are and if you are living the life you dream of? Most people have distinct excuses to tell if they try to justify why they didn’t go for what they really want. ” I’ m too old, too young, not smart enough, i don’t have money , i have no time” and what so ever. It takes confidence and a lot of courage to push against the brain washed society.


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