Lae de Haut walking base in the French Pyrenees

Lae de Haut walking base in the French Pyrenees


We like to introduce you to some of the spectacular walks and sites available from Lae de Haut, parking areas are provided at these walks free of charge and the selection are endless as each village will display many walks from short to a full days walk. We have guide books, maps and we can give you advice.

Chemin de la Mature

Overlooks the Fort du Portalet in the Ossau valley on the GR10, path 1200m long carved into the rock face forming a cutter 4m high and 4m wide also overlooks the Hell Gorge of 200m, reason for the construction was the transportation of these mighty tree trunks to manufacture masks for Napoleon’s ship

Gorges d’Enfer make the Chemin de la Mâture a not-to-be-missed site for both hikers and landscape lovers. In addition, the sheer cliff wall remains one of the most popular climbing destinations of the western Pyrenees.

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Gorges Kakouetta

It will take you an hour each way (It took us 3 hours in total) again on the GR10 very popular.

Gorges Holzarte

This is to a swing bridge over the gorge and again was used to transport tree from the forest, there is the short walk of an hour each way or you can take the long way round about 6 hours, the GR10 is part of this walk.

It is possible to do both gorges in a day as the are close to each other.

La Verna

This was declared the deepest hole in the world back in 1965 by Cambridge University, now the 3rd biggest cave system in Europe.

1 hour to 5 hours tour are available, we have done the 1 hour which was easy walking. I would suggest looking at the web site to see how vast it is with the hot air balloon floating in the chambre.

GR10, from St Engrace church over the top of La Pierre St Martin to the delightful village of Lescun (Church to Church) also you can drive to Lescun as there are many signed walks there.

At Lae de Haut there are 32 signed circular walks in the area so you don’t even need to take the car out. See the view from the Aventure Parc which is 20 minutes walk away.

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