AGM, GEL, Flooded Cell and Lithium Battery Charger:

Enerdrive ePOWER 12 Volt 40 Amp Battery Charger is designed to charge AGM, GEL, Flooded Cel and Lithium batteries. With a built in multistage charger it has the ability to charge 3 seperate battery banks. The ePOWER Battery chrge can do isolated charging where each battery bank if fully isolated from each other, but more importantly battery bank 1 can be fully programmed with a different charge algorithm over the other two banks.

The ePOWER uses smart charging technology that will regulate its output based on the loads connected to your battery banks, this ensure the optimum in charging performance without damaging the batteries.

The ePOWER Battery charger has a bright LED Display with an easy to use “set and Select” menu so that you can easily set up the charger for your requirements. There is also a built in Silent mode, which disables the cooling fan for total silent operation at night or whenever needed, this activation reduces the charge output by 50% and locks out the fan fora period of 12 hours.

Included with the ePOWER Battery charger is a 3 meter temperature sensor to ensure that the batteries are being charged at the optimum level without increasing the temperature too much.

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