How good is this spot? Kalpower State Forest in QLD.

How good is this spot? Kalpower State Forest in QLD.

Where is your favourite spot to camp?

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  1. Yankees Outdoor Adventures

    Kelly Campers I’ve encountered some scary animals in my past but none ever as scary has the two-legged animals, they are the only ones I truly worry about turning my back on. When you show True respect to Mother Earth and stay attentive to all your four-legged brothers and sisters generally you can avoid any conflicts or family quarrels 🙂

  2. Kelly Campers

    Stay where you are safe mate. 3287 different animals trying to kill you on a daily basis in Australia hahaha

  3. Yankees Outdoor Adventures

    Kelly Campers Australia is beautiful! I have definitely watch documentaries on it and would love to try some nativesurvival, for a month or two, if there was just some way to get me there without the modern means of transportation, time for a Star Trek transporter! Beam me over Scotty

  4. Kelly Campers

    Mate you have so much to see over there anyway. I did alot of world travel in my younger years and am now dedicated to seeing more of Australia.

  5. Yankees Outdoor Adventures

    Kelly Campers I would truly love to go there,.. but if man was intended to fly he’d have wings and feathers, I do not, and I truly hate the thought of days on the water, my feet were made for the land, but hey you never know if Mother Earth shakes the fleas off her back enough maybe one day we’ll have a land bridge and I’ll come see you 🙂

  6. Kelly Campers

    Yankee Yancy Albert haha we call that a Goon Bag. When empty you blow it up and use as a pillow:)

  7. Yankees Outdoor Adventures

    Kelly Campers my first time across the Appalachian Trail I was a very young man and actually had some trial and tribulation but I endured, my second time was a lot easier although I was much older. As far as bucket list, I have my eyes set on the American discovery Trail, if you haven’t heard of it then you don’t know exactly how crazy that sounds LOL. When you get a chance Google it, there are two treks I am planning on the southern one.

  8. Kelly Campers

    Yankee Yancy Albert Nah I am an Aussie. The only way to offend me is to take my beer:)

  9. Kelly Campers

    Nice, I need to put that on my bucket list. I did a trek across Banf 20 years ago during winter and to this day that trip is still crystal clear in my mind. It was amazing.

  10. Yankees Outdoor Adventures

    Kelly Campers also wanted to tell you originally I was going to say “I would tell you but I would have to kill you: and I thought ….no that’s too harsh 🙂

  11. Yankees Outdoor Adventures

    Something about the Appalachian region stays in my blood I’ve done the Appalachian Trail the few times, and anywhere along it’s 2000+ miles is awesome in my opinion

  12. Kelly Campers

    Ha ha ha. Secret spots are always the best. Maybe I should have asked “what is your favourite camping spot that you won’t have to kill me if you tell me?”