Great emergency car starter #powerbank Good #multipurpose #jumpstarter PortableJumpStarter

Great emergency car starter #powerbank Good #multipurpose #jumpstarter PortableJumpStarter

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  1. Roland Mösl

    I find a DC output with 12, 16, 19 V to cover all notebooks very important. I do not like to take the power supply from my notebook with me.

    In the moment, I have a K2 solar,

    disadvantage: can only be charged AC or solar, not with 12 V DC in the car.

    I have also a champ starter with switchable 12, 16, 19 V output.

    disadvantage: no charging with solar,

    capacity and power. When the cars internal battery is much discharged, problems with an 1,5 liter Diesel engine.

  2. iForway

    Roland Mösl good, we have good items which is portable generator, which has AC output 120W max, and can be charger by solar panel, has QC3.0 output, and total has 3 USB output, do you have interest?

  3. Roland Mösl

    Just right now, I am good equipped, but I search always for new products, which I can recommend.

  4. iForway

    Roland Mösl do you have any interest to our jump starter? it has 12000mAh which can boost 4L gas and 2L Diesel vehicles, if you want to find one to charge for your notebook and be be charger by solar panel, we have another portable solar generator which match your requirement

  5. Roland Mösl

    How many USB output?

    What voltage for notebook output?

    Has it also a solar panel input?