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Wakeboard El Gouna

As experienced and enthusiastic water sportsmen we know which requirements we have to meet.For having long-term success with our concept, we have decided to build a complete watersports complex.

The entire area consists of 90,000 m² and includes two spacious cables, of which the counter-clockwise sports facility with its 320 meters is conform to the new Olympic standard. It is equipped with a slalom course and a selection of large Rixen obstacles.

The shorter, clockwise Cable 2 is an exclusive wake cable with many different sliders and kickers which for sure let each boarder’s heart beat faster.

So that the youngsters and beginners do not miss out, there are also two so-called ‘Easy Rides’, which like the name says help beginners to achieve their first successes. Even here we have not waived smaller obstacles. It is also planned that the Easy Rides are available for rentals, so that

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groups get their money’s worth.

In order to ride also in the evening to one’s heart content, the entire park is equipped with a professional floodlight system. Due to the nearly perfect geographical location of El Gouna, we offer our guests a year-round program with various national and international competitions at the highest


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