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Combine your vacation with medical massage…

Medical vacation

Medical Travel is one of the fastest growing healthcare industries. More and more people are starting to travel abroad in search of the best quality and the most affordable medical care.

Egypt has medical facilities with recognized accreditations and standards, state of the art medical technology and employ highly qualified medical practitioners, including physicians, surgeons and professors. Some countries are considered to be the most advanced with respect to specific surgeries, e.g. cardiac, orthopaedic, and cosmetic.

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Egypt has been a tourist magnet for many years, owing to its monuments from ancient civilizations and its exotic aura. It is also one of the newer, emerging destinations in medical tourism. With high standards in cosmetic surgery, combined with low prices, Egypt has become a very affordable medical destination, and the ideal place to combine medical treatment with a cultural experience or a seaside vacation.

Egypt boasts a climate and natural environment considered to be quite therapeutic; from its dry, warm weather to mineral and sulfur rich springs and the healing black sands found at Safaga. The country is also rich in its range of treatment resorts and spas on offer. Clinics, hospitals and staff offer world-class services which are on a par with those offered in the UK, Europe and North America. Many of the doctors receive their training and specialist credentials abroad.

We will offer medical tourism packages that include a choice of doctors and hospitals, consultation, treatment, recovery plan and tours. Personal helpers for those needing assistance can be also arranged and you’ll find that there are few, if any, language barriers, as tour and medical personnel speak English. In addition to essential medical procedures, many who visit Egypt take advantage of the excellent services in cosmetic treatments and dental work.

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