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Wedding on Pharaohs Way 6 days

Include: The Catacombs of Kom el-Shuqafa in Alexandria

These catacombs were originally a private crypt, but were later extended with more roman burials. People are buried here in sarcophagi, in shelves, and in urns of ashes after cremation. They are empty now, of course, and the lower levels have been completely flooded by the rising water level in Alexandria…

The Tour:

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Wedding on pharaohs Way: Have you ever dreamed of having a fabulous honeymoon on the Pharaonic style? We offer you an outstanding honeymoon pharaonic celebration. You will wear the costumes of a pharaoh and your bride will be your queen in the original pharonic ceremony

Duration:   5 nights 6 days

Cities visit in this travel package:   Cairo, Alexandria

Accommodation:   4 nights Cairo, 1 night Alexandria

Meals:   as mentioned

Transportation:   by our private deluxe coach

Entrance Fees:   included

More information:

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