Are camping and caravan clubs offering a value for money services?

Are camping and caravan clubs offering a value for money services?

Freedom Camping Club offers FREE membership with access to a rapidly growing network of certified sites across the country. If you’re paying for membership to another club, do you know what you are getting for your money?

Q. Is it exclusive members only access to certified sites?

A. Of the existing sites we have spoken to this year only a small percentage enforce the members only rule, so it appears not. If they advertise on Pitchup, UK campsites or other third party websites then we suspect they are accepting non members. Don’t take our word for it, check with site owners and neighbouring campers the next time you visit a certified site or location.

Q. Is it access to cheaper caravan insurance?

A. The large clubs get paid commission for referrals, so you aren’t paying for that either.

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Freedom Camping Club waiver insurance commission so our insurers are able to offer cheaper cover.

Q Is it a free magazine?

A. Companies pay to advertise in magazines so it doesn’t appear to be that.

Please respond if you think you are getting a good or bad deal from other organisations.

Join Freedom Camping Club for Free and help us to expand our network of free open access campsites ( pitch fees still apply )

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