Winter Camping Shelters

Winter Camping Shelters

How to Make the Mac Daddy of all Winter Camping Abodes: The Quinzee! #WinterCamping #GreenmoxieAdventure #Greenmoxie

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  1. Toruko-ishi Bravo2Zulu

    Yes, it certainly seems warm, but

    the cold is actually ever present.

    The energy drain on the body will

    tax ability to avoid hypothermia.

    I’ve slept under a military poncho

    with an issued k-9 and enjoyed the

    additional warmth.  

  2. Green Moxie

    ALFRED E TARDIF I was actually amazed at just how warm it was inside! Although I didn’t do a great job of smoothing the inside so the melting snow did drip a bit. Note for next time!

  3. Green Moxie

    Leslie love This took 2 days because we let the snow settle overnight – there was probably about 5 hours work here, totally worth it!

  4. Green Moxie

    Joseph Griesbaum Ha! I hope yours doesn’t keep peeing on your awesome snow shelter….

  5. Joseph Griesbaum

    Your dog looks exactly like mine!  Serious…I thought the guy was cheating one me when I saw this picture!  🙂 lol