Testing a new tent at Palo Duro Canyon.

Testing a new tent at Palo Duro Canyon. Testing it rigorously, too-the wind gusts probably got up around 25 MPH and you can see how I had to add some extra guylines there.

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  1. Hayley Enoch

    Jeffrey Flynt After I put up the extra guylines, fine, but the rain fly flapped around and was noisy.  

  2. Jeffrey Flynt

    I have this tent. I haven’t been in a storm with it, but it held up well in light rain. How did it hold up in the wind? 

  3. Hayley Enoch

    Karlo Arao It’s a Coleman 10X10. I think this exact model has been discontinued. We just used  standard blue tarp underneath.  

  4. Karlo Arao

    Is that a Coleman Sundome 7×7? I have the same tent (though mine’s gray + red) and I tested it last Sunday. It was a bit heavy, but my wife, son, and I fit quite comfortably inside (Asians) so it’s okay. I was wondering what you’re using as the footprint? I currently use a Filipino woven mat we call “banig” which is heavy (since we won’t be hiking much). Any recommendations for the footprint?