Promote your club or group – Free!

This website ( can be reached by people from many different social networks and on all types of devices. This is an opportunity for you to introduce your club, group, or community, to our audience of vehicle dwellers, van lifers, vagabonds, nomads, and perpetual travelers.

Here’s how it works…

1. It’s a trade. You provide a valuable listing of a great place to visit give your honest opinions about your adventure there. In return, you are welcome to include NOT ONLY a LINK to your group homepage BUT ALSO a LOGO or other graphic. This will make it easy for travelers to follow your recommendations.

2. Create a group within our community. You can invite your existing members to join your private group in our community and you can all rampage and dominate the recommendations found on this site. This is your soapbox, use it.

There’s all kinds of other things we can do that can benefit everyone. Trouble is, we can’t do it all at once. First we must use the tools we have and determine if anything is missing or if there are any problems or issues. Be patient and help me get this site off the ground and we’ll be friends forever.

“I challenge your club or group to post 10 great places that are worth visiting!”

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