Is our community better than others?

There are all types of online communities that are well suited for many different types of people. When I was building this website, these are the things that I thought were missing from many of them and might be important…

1. Everybody is welcome here. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been “living the life” for many years, if you’re just getting started, or if you’re just thinking about it. We DO NOT discuss religion, politics, or make mean comments, these things are strictly forbidden and are a no-warning banning offense. This is a community for good people to spread good will. We’re not snooty or pretentious.

2. This community is here to help and support the other members. If you know of a good online resource that may help someone, by all means share it! There are categories already setup for related topics. If you have a related business, you are welcome to promote it here for free. No spamming (of course), but on each listing there is a place for the group, club, or business that has provided the link. You can also start a private group within our community for your existing friends or members to join. In your profile, you can add more information about yourself or group and include additional links.

3. You can help build it! I’m just a little guy trying to get by from day to day, but if you have an idea for the site to make it better or more helpful, you can contact me directly. If your idea is good or your concern is legitimate, then I will see to it. You can help by adding good locations and information. Anyone can have a huge database of places to go, but are they worth going to? We can share with other members of the community, only the destinations that are worth your time to visit. You can start your own discussions, become a guest blogger, or even help with moderating the community, if you want to participate more than most people.

4. It is YOUR listing. When people comment about YOUR place, you can moderate those comments and reply directly through private relay-mail to the person. You can edit your listing and update the pictures when you revisit it again. If you want to stop sharing your spot, you can even remove your listing.

5. We have an events section! Pick a spot and plan a rendezvous. It’s that easy to get an event started. In the future, you may be able to collect fee to book group spots. Events can be associated with your custom community group.

6. We have an awesome website with a great mapping system which makes it easy to add or manage places! You can even use our community to keep in-touch with fellow travelers without disclosing any information about yourself (if you don’t want to).

There’s other cool stuff about this website but it doesn’t really matter unless people like it and want to participate. I suppose it could just be a map of places I want to go and then review them, but it can also be the same for everyone! Have fun! I hope to meet you out there sometime.

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