I hope this allowed – I’m just so excited!

I hope this allowed – I’m just so excited! I love camping and have been trying my best (and succeeding) at turning non-campers into people who now love camping. Decided 2 years ago to write a book to encourage more people to camp and it’s finally in print! Got my first copy in the mail today!

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My Book!

My book arrived today and I’m so excited and happy I’m about to run down the street screaming. But I won’t because that’s a good way to get picked up by the 5 O.

It’s taken 2 years, but my #camping  book is finally in print. I have it on createspace for advance readers and it goes live on Amazon and other places in 2 months! I’ve ordered the books for my Kickstarter backer and they’ll be sent out shortly.

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It’s finally really real!


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