How do I add a place to the map?

I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible

1. Login – I know, another login or membership, or whatever. I’m sorry, there’s no way around it. How else will we know whose listing or comment it is? If the site were wide-open, it would be destroyed by spam and other crap. The good news: Registration is self-activating now. You do not need to wait for admin approval to join. (You will however be instantly banned if you try any funny business.) What’s more, you can now login or register with one click, using your social network account. It’s completely safe and private, just click on the Facebook, Google, or Twitter link and you will be logged-in or registered.

2. Add A Place – There’s a button at the top that says that exact thing (“Add A Place”). This is the link to the form and is only available to registered users (see above). There are only a few fields to fill-in but they are all optional except the name. Now that wouldn’t be very helpful so at least mark it on the map, perhaps select from some of the options, and definitely add at least one good-quality picture. If you want to promote your group or club, you can include your link and logo. One somewhat tricky thing is you have to click your enter button after you put an address or gps coordinates in the lookup box. This triggers the actual lookup where it will add a marker to the map and address information. Be sure to make sure all the information is correct before you submit your listing. Don’t worry though, you can edit it later because it is YOUR listing.

3. Choose a Package – Choose FREE. This is an unlimited lifetime listing package. You should only have to do this once and it will add a thousand listing credits to your user account. The “Paid” option is mainly for the future, if I find a need for strictly promotional listings. Say for example, if you own a chain of campgrounds and want to promote them all to our community. This is an option for people to help support and grow this community and get something in return.

4. Submit the Form – If you finish the free checkout, you will get a receipt for your $0. (It’s just the way this thing works). The important part is that your listing will then become live and active (since you “paid”). Otherwise, I’ll have to manually approve your listing and there’s no telling how often I can get to Internet. You can always try again. If your new listing does not instantly become active, make sure that newt time you go all the way through the checkout process.

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After those few easy steps, people will see your listing on our map. There will also be a detail page about the place with the information you provided. You can share the link to your detail page on your other social network or community website. Other people can also share your detail page with others on all social networks and platforms around the world.

Here’s a video showing how to add a place:

Here’s another one, a little faster:

…and here’s info about the “Government Campsite Finder”:

Be sure to let me know if something isn’t working correctly.

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