I recently ditched my 2 burner propane stove after two different ones failed after light use. I picked this ’60s vintage Coleman white gas unit on Craigslist. It has developed a flame up where the fuel tube goes into the burner. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Jeffrey Duddles

    At 52, I haven’t been in the back county for about 8 years or so, but I did a fair amount throughout the 80s, 90s and early 00s. Mostly in the Olympic and Cascade mountains of Oregon and Washington. Never been a “prepper”, but like being prepared. It’s been fun refreshing some of my skills and sharing them with my 11yo grandson who just moved into town a few years ago after growing up out of state. While I’ve never owned a Jeep, I’ve almost always owned a truck (usually 4×4) and even 68 VW van! Growing up in logging country, I was locking the hubs in before I was road legal. Im no trail expert, but i like mud!

  2. Jeffrey Duddles

    The 2 burner Coleman propane stoves I’ve had over the last few years were not very robust. I have a Coleman Peak 1 in the basement (white gas) but it needs a seal rebuild. I do like my MSR Pocket Rocket butane stove for packing. The burner is only a few ounces and very compact. A small canister is good for several pots of water. When I got this gas stove, he also had a 2 mantle lantern (70s) and after a new pump, fresh gas and silks, works great!

  3. Patrick Funk

    yeah i have been camping pretty regularly for about 25 years and used the same stove i bought brand new way back then. 

    When my family got bigger I purchased a 50`s 3 burner since they stopped making the white gas / dual fuel 3 burners a while ago. 

    never really had any issues. same with the lanterns.

  4. Jeffrey Duddles

    Patrick Funk That’s what I’m taking about! Another good avenue to pursue! Thanks!

  5. Patrick Funk

    if its a vintage coleman, the tip screws on and off without gasket. use caution as there is a very fine needle that protrudes probably a tiny amount when closed. 

    i would depressurize the tank, open the fuel valve all the way, to move the needle inside and protect it, tighten the tip with a socket, wrench, pliers, etc. close the valve, pump up and try it again. 

    I would also try and blow some air, compressor or a can of computer air, down that tube feeding the burner. if there is a blockage, spider web, it could cause the back flow. 

    If you are even a tiny bit handy, you should be able to tear it down and clean it out and get it back in order.

    There are a few forums that are dedicated to coleman lanterns and stoves. if you are stuck, try one of those. But i am pretty sure this will fix your issue.

    Good luck!