Did I mention we were at Devils Tower the other day?

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Did I mention we were at Devils Tower the other day? Pretty neat. I have more Badlands photos to release and then it’ll be onto the Devils Tower releases. Trying to keep as up to date as I can, but it’s hard with going so many places and taking so many photos in such a short amount of time.

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  1. Bear8Photo

    Yea, I try to take it slow and go in one direction at a time. Not having to “drive back home” saves me a lot of miles. 

  2. Christina Coloradoan

    Bear8Photo I was going to say – heck we’ve done two week road trips of 3,000+ miles. It’s awesome that you can do this! Keep that campground I told you about on file. My best!

  3. Christina Coloradoan

    Bear8Photo I can imagine, but I also know you’ve had a wonderful time & have seen so much! If I were out for a couple of years, I know I would! How many miles have you done over the last couple of years?

  4. Bear8Photo

    It’s been a great trip Christina Coloradoan , but after 2 years 3 months, it’s getting a bit tiring.