Cleaning up after last weekends rainy camping trip.

Cleaning up after last weekends rainy camping trip. One of our rationales to get a #teardop trailer was no tents to clean up or mess with. #facepalm.

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  1. Christina Coloradoan

    T. Ray Sufczynski You are right about the bed! There’s give & take. On our maiden voyage, it rained quite a bit & it sure was nice to have a “living” area to play games or whatever. I’m the one crawling & I can live with it. We have modified her to make a queen bed. The outdoor kitchen is just the same we used when we were tent camping.

  2. T. Ray Sufczynski (raysuf)

    Christina Coloradoan like the casita also and would consider a small trailer like that, but we’d really like to have a queen bed perpendicular to the axle. Small trailers tend to have smaller beds and parallel to the axle so someone has to crawl over the other to get out of bed. Plus we like the outdoor kitchen. Next purchase will be a T@B Clamshell or something similar.

  3. Christina Coloradoan

    Honestly, I’ve been tent camping my entire life & just bought a 16′ Casita – love it! I was looking at teardrops & just decided I wanted the whole package – I didn’t want to crawl in and out of bed & no living area when there’s bad weather. I paid about the same amount for my casita than I would have for a teardrop. Love the Teardrop though if it’s something that would work for you.

  4. T. Ray Sufczynski (raysuf)

    We were on the verge of getting a little utility trailer to keep packed for camping anyway. Teardrop gives us hauling capacity for gear, secure place to sleep, and a clean galley off the back. We tried to marginalize maintenance as much as possible in our decision of a teardrop. 

    I once had a shelving unit full of camping gear in the garage that sat idol for months/years on end. Now wife is planning the next trip on the way to current destination.

    We just try real hard not to deploy the soft structures, unless it’s going to rain and we stay flexible and use what the campsite dictates.  

  5. Michael Abernathy

    There’s other costs and maintenence costs with trailers. We are going back to tent camping after a number of years of pop-up, then travel trailer camping. It’s so much simpler.