Camping during the work week. Rain and all.

Camping during the work week. Rain and all.

Originally shared by Michael Abernathy

One HD one not. Out camping again while we can. It may rain but… Meh…. I got my laptop with hours of movies and TV shows loaded onto it. And it’s just me and Lisa Abernathy. No kids Going to stay to at least Saturday. Maybe Sunday.

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  1. Michael Abernathy

    There were some big nice ones when I was shopping around. I liked the reviews and comments from sites and individuals more on the Keltys and REI’s. The top to ground rainfly is why I chose those two. Any exposed sidewall is just asking for water to come in. That’s what I looked for. I got my tent 30% off during a sale but would have paid retail anyway. It’s worth it. So if Coleman has something similar, and is in your price range, and good reviews, I’m sure it would be a good buy. I like the way REI stands behind their products.

  2. Tyler Balanowski

    Awesome man. I appreciate the input. I don’t want to get rained out again. What about Colman tents?

  3. Michael Abernathy

    That’s another reason a good rainfly is nice. I have no worries about the bedding or something touching the sides because there is a gap between. REI tents and Kelty tents are what I was down to when finally buying. I went with the REI. My Kingdom 8 is like a palace.

  4. Tyler Balanowski

    Yeah no doubt man. Well, the rain came in around the sides and I had every towel and piece of old clothing making a perimeter around the inside of the tent. We stayed dry, my feet were in a puddle when I woke up, and I had lots of water to wring out in the morning. We woke up and left because it was still pouring. We didn’t even get to cook breakfast.

  5. Tyler Balanowski

    Sweet. Thanks Wayne Masnick. I’ve read about touching the tent when it rains. Never had a bottom wrap. That’ll be something to look for. Do they come with a good tent, or do you buy it separately?

  6. Michael Abernathy

    One more thing. The bottom of this tent goes up about 10 inches up the sides. The rainfly goes almost to the ground. So you don’t have to worry about it splashing up and getting the sides wet.

  7. Michael Abernathy

    This is a pretty expensive REI Kingdom 8 tent. I did not waterproof it. Did not seal the seams. The rainfly literally repels water. It was raining when I left for work this morning and I was watching the rain pour off it.

    I have a few YouTube videos I posted a few weeks ago in this tent during a pretty bad storm. Not one bit of rain inside anywhere. Rain does not worry me as much as storms.

  8. Tyler Balanowski

    Did you have to waterproof your tent? I took my son on his first camping trip a couple of weeks ago, and we got a pretty big storm. Water ended up coming through the tent, where the rainfly didn’t come down all the way, and eventually through the rainfly itself. I probably won’t waterproof this tent, as it’s small and we need a family tent. Would you recommend waterproofing a brand new tent? Or do you find that brand new tents don’t need to be waterproofed right away?