12 Volt Technology – Power Drive

12 Volt Technology – Power Drive

12 Volt Technology is proud to be appointed an Authorized Online Retail of Power Drive Inverters.

Inverters are used in most 12 Volt Applications to give you the AC power supply when you don’t have easy access to it. Power Drive is a range of inverter that are designed rugged and tough for that mobile lifestyle.

Power Drive has a range of inverters from 100 Watt all the way through to 2000 Watts ensuring you have enough power to handle almost any situation using your 12 Volt power supply.

12 Volt Technology has the Power Drive inverters starting at $23.00 for the 100W Cigarette light plug versions with build in USB socket.

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Check out what we have to offer, and if you don’t find what you are looking for simply contact us, our team is determined to help you find what you need at the right price.

If on the rare occasion we are out of stock just let us know and we will address this for you as quickly as possible.

12 Volt Technology – We have the Best Brands at the Best Prices.

Check out the range.





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